My Experience as an Intern at NARAL SD by Ashley Sorensen

 I have often found that there tends to be a common stigma around pro-choice organizations that can sometimes cloud people’s judgment. Similar to many others, I also had pre-conceived ideas of what NARAL stands for and does in SD.  What I learned after interning though, was that the stereotypical view of NARAL is far from correct.

NARAL is NOT in the slightest a radical feminist organization ran by angry women who dislike babies. NARAL is an organization supported by women, men, and non-gender identifying individuals. It’s an organization seeking to protect all individuals and families. NARAL fights for: mothers, pregnant women, and their children everyday, so they too have the opportunity for a healthy future. 

NARAL is an organization that provides the tools for women to have a voice about their rights and bodies. Its goal is not drown out other voices, but to empower women, so they no longer have to live in fear.